Another Mom Blog

Well, here we are. I’ve always felt the nudge to write. I’ve tried journaling, writing songs, poetry…And I’ve given myself a big fat “F” on those. I’m still somewhat updating my kids’ baby books/journals, and if you count furiously adding entries and wracking my brain of what happened for the last 8 months just to put some entries in, then I’m doing ok with those.

We’re busy. We just built a home, had our second child, and have been traveling a lot. There are so many things that I want to remember — even the teeny details and memories that would otherwise be consumed by the day-to-day #momlife. Tyson and I are so happy to be raising our kids in a home that we dreamed up together (and that he built with his own hands!). We’re excited to be taking them camping, hiking, and fishing at such a young age. We’re happy to be giving them experiences that we can look back on one day and feel so great about. I want to remember it all.

It’s on my bucket list to write a book one day. Fun fact: I once wrote a story for Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul. I was in the 6th grade and had a friend that was losing his battle to Leukemia. I remember talking to one of my favorite teachers about it because I had so many thoughts and questions about what was happening. I ended up writing about my friend for one of my essay assignments, and upon reading my paper, my teacher encouraged me to submit a story to Chicken Soup (it was one of my favorite books at the time). The story never got published, but the process of taking my thoughts and experience to paper, and then offering it to the world, felt…freeing.

I’ve always been better at communicating through text. Whether it’s a school project, a work email, an actual text message, or a letter to my husband – I believe writing has always been a gift of mine. And the beautiful thing about writing is that I believe you could never run out of things to write about. And if you’re an honest writer, you can learn so much about yourself in the process.

Becoming a mom is transforming. I feel like my mind and perspective is constantly shifting and I find that I’m in my own head – A LOT. I’ve been thinking about why most moms feel the need for a community that they can surround themselves with and be understood. We would actually lose our minds if we only interacted with 3 year-old little communists every day. We want to feel known and understood for who we are – the crazy, hot-mess, sleep-deprived, and always-changing mamas that we are.

We moms spend most of our day in our own heads. We’re tired, emotional, angry, foggy, caffeine-deprived (or over-caffeinated…is that a thing?), and we are usually analyzing ourselves, our kids, or other families on social media. It’s so hard to have a healthy outlet that we can use on a daily basis to detox from poopy diapers and the Moana soundtrack. Lately I’ve found that the writing I do on my Instagram helps me express those hard-to-explain mom feelings. It’s connected me to other moms in and out of my local community. I’ve also just felt more…known. And isn’t that what it really comes down to? Don’t we really just want to feel more known? More known by our friends, our family, our own husbands, the world? Some things are just so hard to explain, and life is already hard, so we don’t even bother. But when we get a glimpse of relating to someone else, whether we even know them or not, it feels good.

So this is my stab at the good ol’ “mom blog” – one will be one centered around motherhood, adventuring with kids, design + DIY, and a whole lot of raw feelings. ♥