In the Know: Lactation Bars that Actually Work (and taste good too!)

When Holden was a baby, I had plans to nurse him for at at least 18 months. I figured I’d have no problem, since after he was born, I was a milk machine. I was pumping like I was going back to work (except I’m a WAHM – so I didn’t need to be pumping that much). We had bags on bags of frozen milk in our freezer. I felt proud and accomplished of my postpartum body that it was able to produce so much for my growing babe.

However, when Holden was about 6-7 months, it was summertime, I was hiking a lot, and I was focused on getting my strong body back. I was working out at home almost every day, plus hiking 2-3 times per week. I felt great, except, I wasn’t replacing all of those burned calories with the nourishing food that I should have, in order to keep my supply going.

Holden crawled at 7 months, and then walked at 10 months. He was a busy guy and he wasn’t as interested in sitting still to nurse as often. The mix of my body working hard and his disinterest caused me to dry up pretty quick. I tried lactation cookies, brewer’s yeast, and supplements, but nothing would bring it back. I was done nursing him by 10 months.

I was devastated, because I thought that was the equivalent to my body failing my baby, or that it was my neglect toward my milk-producing body.

In hindsight, I realize how SILLY that was to be so hard on myself. 10 months was still a beautiful amount of time that I was able to nurse him. And I realize that’s much longer than some mamas can do! I’m now thankful for those months.


With Coven, I wanted to go into my breastfeeding journey with a different mindset. I didn’t want have expectations, and I wanted to be more focused on nourishing my body with what it needs, rather than being so focused on getting my pre-preg body back.

When I came across Milkful bars, I didn’t think they’d be that different than other lactation goods that are out there. (And I assumed they tasted as bad as all the other products out there lol). But when I was sent some of bars to try, I was blown away by how well they worked (I saw results within the first two days), and also how good they tasted! They pair great with your morning coffee 🙂 They are also very allergy friendly (soy, dairy, egg, and wheat free), which is great for mamas like me that have sensitivities or babies with sensitivities. Coven has been sensitive to dairy and hasn’t grown out of it (yet!)


Coven is now 5.5 months, and he is still primarily breastfed (with a couple sittings of solids per day). The summertime was hot, I was in the gym a lot for volleyball, and I had many weeks where my supply dropped. I wasn’t able to pump ANYTHING anymore (unless I went more than 5 hours without feeding him). Our frozen milk quickly dwindled when my husband started watching the boys when I went to volleyball.  Not only do these bars offer help, but they have a great support system online and on their blog with a ton of great support to helping mamas through their breastfeeding journey.


I came across these bars at the perfect time. My supply is back up and I’m even pumping on top of feeding Coven. I know we are still early in this journey, but I’m just trying to give myself more grace and also give my body the things it’s needs in order to nourish this baby.

When I heard Dina’s story and why she began Milkful, I immediately resonated with her (as I’m sure did millions of mamas everywhere). Thank you, Dina, for using your journey to help other mamas that are walking the same path!

If you want to try any Milkful bars, you can shop here. Use code “tayjgrey” for 20% your order! Let me know if you have any questions or comments about your breastfeeding journey!