Camping with Kids: A Master Checklist


The biggest question I get when talking about camping with kids: But what do we pack?! 

It can seem really daunting and stressful if you haven’t camped a lot with kids and have no idea where to start. That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to share our master list that we use to make sure we have everything we need to have a successful camping trip!

Over the last year of camping with two kiddos, we’ve gotten our camping prep down to a really helpful system of storage bins with specific items so we know exactly where everything is (and it helps to stay organized when we pack up, too). I hope this list helps you and your family the next time you go on a camping adventure!

Be sure to tag @wildlygrey in your camping posts so I can see how you prep and what your camping must-haves and tricks are!

Download the master camping checklist here!



4 thoughts on “Camping with Kids: A Master Checklist

  1. This is great! Very close to my master list, but it’s always nice to have another perspective! We’ve got two boys close to yours in age and are headed tent camping for our third year and always learning :). Thanks for sharing.


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