Coven’s Neutral Nursery Tour!

We moved into our home at the end of February, and I was due with Coven in the middle of April. If you’ve ever wanted to see a pregnant woman do the craziest nesting you’ve ever seen, give her a brand new house too. I was only sightly stressed about getting things decorated ūüėČ

I was so excited to do Coven’s room! Mostly because I was excited to start fresh with our new home and have our own, brand new look that we could create for each room. Because most of our home has black or white finishes, I wanted to keep his nursery pretty minimal and simple.


We were given this beautiful crib from a family we don’t even know. I felt so honored to take this crib off their hands, as their little boy, who used this crib last, actually passed away at a very young age. I wanted to make sure the room was special in honor of that sweet little boy.

The glider was a second-hand buy that we got with Holden. It was in immaculate condition when we got it, and I have to say, it’s still in like perfect condition!

I created four simple prints to add some color to the room, and I got some fake foliage off of Amazon and put together a little hanging pot for the corner (I put some Styrofoam inside and punched four holes on the side of the pot).


We finally have a Hobby Lobby by us! I went and found some adorable buffalo-themed items that I thought went well with his room. First, this cute collapsible bin  and a hanging garland.  Also, this cute sign!

covensroom-decor-wildlygrey covensroom-bisonbasket-wildlygrey

The white pegboard is old and from Holden’s nursery! Honestly, it’s one of the best ideas I came across when looking for nursery inspo. These pegboards from Home Depot are $20 and are pretty large. They also have black baskets in different sizes for about $5-10 each. They also have some simple hooks, too. I put diapers in the largest basket, and then lotion, baby powder, pacifiers, and oils in the smaller baskets. I also hang bibs and hats from the hooks!

The changing table is the Modena dresser by Baby Mod. We got it off Wayfair for less than $200.


We also reused this white bookshelf from Holden’s old room too. I use it for his burp rags, toys, and blankets. I’m sure I’ll have to use it more for books and even more toys the older he gets.

Coven also has a nice big closet with french style doors. I love these doors so much! (We also have them for our entryway closet).


I was sad the first night we put C in his room, but I’m actually happy that we get to be in there more now! It’s really peaceful and I just love the simplicity of it. I’m also digging the neutral feel, because I just feel like that style is much more timeless!