The 48 Hour Room Makeover: Holden’s Little Explorer Room

We just moved into our home in February. We were anxious to get the main living spaces set up and complete. With a new baby on the way, we also prioritized the nursery (hello new home + nesting!) So we didn’t tackle Holden’s room right away. We kept asking him what kind of room he wanted, but he didn’t really give us an answer…until we went on our waterfall road trip. Then he was inspired.



After our recent road trip that we took down to Crater Lake and Central Oregon, he adamantly asked for an “adventure” room. That was a theme that Tyson and I were on board with!

So, when Holden went to my mom’s for the weekend a few weeks ago, Tyson and I went to work and created his new room in less than 48 hours! Seeing the look on Holden’s face when he first saw his room will be engraved into my memory forever!

The Night Sky Ceiling

To really get that outdoorsy effect, we decided to do a very dark blue on Holden’s ceiling like a night sky. We have used Sherwin Williams for all of our paint needs, so it was a no-brainer that we’d use them again. I love their Harmony line of paint because it has very low VOC and is safe for the kiddos! (They also recommended the Harmony line to me because I wanted such a dark color). We decided on Naval as our color and we love how it turned out!

We did two full coats on the ceiling to get the darkest and smoothest finish. Just a warning, it is hard work using the extended roller brush. And you will get splatters of paint on your face.

The Mountain Range Wall


You’ve probably seen it all over Pinterest, but we really loved this idea. Holden really wanted his room to be like he was camping out in the mountains.

This was actually way easier than we anticipated. First, we drew out the mountain peaks with pencil (and we used a 6ft level to get really straight lines). we did a few bigger forefront peaks, and then some more random ones for the background. Once we were happy with our lines, we taped off the forefront mountains, then the background mountains.


I started painting the forefront mountains first. It actually goes pretty quick! I did two coats on the mountains. Our walls in our house are SW Agreeable Gray, so I went with the next two shades in that paint family (Anew Gray and Mega Greige). I used the darker (Mega Greige) for the forefront mountains, and Anew Gray for the lighter background mountains.

Once the forefront mountains were painted and dry, I pulled off the tape from the forefront mountains and took a fine tip sponge to get a perfect line between the two colors (and then painted the rest with a larger brush). We did it this way so that we didn’t have to tape over new paint (and risk the new paint coming off). Using the sponge was actually really easy and I was able to get a good line throughout all the mountain lines!


The Mountain Bedding

Oops, Target did it again.

They won us over with their adorable black and white tree sheet set from Pillowfort and a blue mountain pillow to match perfectly. Then I got a dark blue comforter (also by Pillowfort) to match that dark blue sky.


New Big Boy Desk

Holden got a cute blue chair for Christmas last year, and I’ve been wanting to get him a big boy desk to go with! I found one from Ikea for $70 that has an awesome shelf attachment on top. It was super easy to put together too!


I think my favorite part of the whole project was decorating the walls. I found some cool floating shelves for some wall art (that I made), and I found some kids explore/nature books on Amazon! I also found a really cool light up letter board (Target) that comes with different letters, numbers, and icons in multiple colors. He loves using it to practice spelling out words!

Ever heard of Chatbooks? They are a subscription-based photo book that literally just pulls right from your Instagram account. If you have a series subscription set up, then they will automatically send you a new photo book for every 60 photos you add to your IG! You can exclude photos too if you don’t want certain ones printed. We have like 15 or 16 volumes right now and it’s so awesome to have all those photos in print.

Anyways, you can also make books on their site using whatever photos you want. On our Crater Lake road trip, we obviously took a lot of photos. Because this trip was the main inspo behind Holden’s new room, I thought it’d be super fun to print a book for his room with some awesome photos from our trip! Plus, they had this mountain design as an option for a book cover and I thought it was perfect!

Have you done a crash bedroom makeover? Let me know your tips and tricks to making a room come to life on a tight timeline!